working + studying : workying??


Hello and welcome evryone. Ya honestly got nothing to talkabout. Just personal expression about me going studying again for my master degree. Well after a not so long year of working (guess la) and suddenly to go back 'school' again, i felt one weird feeling flying and buzzing around my head and i dunno what. Ya definitely question and whispers that flew in my mind currently sounds like 'wey can u do it?' and 'malaslaaa' and 'ntah' and 'bole bha kalau kaw' haha. Personally i think this feeling comes from the working experiences that i get previously.

Well first with UMW Toyota Capital as a Cust Service Executive. Eventhough only for short period, i did get a lotsa colorful and 'blackforest' experiences. Now i knew that Malaysians are all CEREWETs. But i appreciate the management team for taking care of our needs. Thanks to Miss A'tikah and Miss Tan A.Kwee (for hiring me of course) Bro Sarjit Singh (for his guidance n support) and rest of the colleagues. Speaking bout colleagues..haha lotsa memories la. Weyy jaja mana u? Ezzaaaa hows your study?? (she's currently pursuing her masters degree at MMU). These 2 people are my colleague yang best + sporting (notice both of them are females..haha see the leg la :p)

You know what's the differences between MNC (toyota is MNC btw) and local companies? Well the main strength of this MNCs are the culture that buried in the company. Toyota for example, they have this Kaizen (means continuos development) as their secret weapon. And no wonder, they are currently at top of the list. The locals, i'm not particularly sure because i'm a Malaysian and i know about our culture (doesnt matter whatever races we are). But 1 thing for sure, i'm proud being a Malaysian because we built together the Malaysia that we have today.

2nd, with Universiti Malaysia Sabah as a tutor under finance and banking course. Well actually it was only for part time as Kak Zaiton (my program coordinator) called me whether i want the position or not. Hell ya denifinitely i took the offer since i'm intrested in lecturing. I actually put myself on risk since the offer only for part time (about 3-4 months) and if i didnt get any offers for full time interview, i'll be a dead meat. And so i officially resigned from UMWTCAP on 14th Dec 07 (mysis bday pulak tu) and report duty in UMS on 5th Jan 07. Kak Zai put me as part time tutor under provision of Pak Midi (Lecturer of Financial Mgmt). So i gave tutor class for these finance students (198 students) and he gave the lectures. for part time tutoring course, i tought Interim (Interaksi antara Siswa & Masyarakat)and also public speaking (for music students). And syukur alhamdulillah get the full time position for tutor after a long tiring months (almost a year) of waiting!

Honestly, this was my most enjoyable and enjoyable moment of working. I really enjoyed myself teaching these students as they are very committed to me. and ya probably that is why it is hard to say bye2 to them bcause we are just like a family. But weh when it comes to grades, it'll become a different story oredi..ahaha.. to my finance and interim students, welcome back to campus (haha abis suda cuti) and to my musicline students, gd luck on your mid exam and practice a lot if you want to beat ur seniors' standard (weyy p.speaking jgn lupa nnt sa buat spot check masa resital p.speaking nnt~haha) miss u all guys :)

And now here i am back in shah alam with a WORKYING mood. ahaha sounds crazy dowh. One good thing here is that i can continue my long lasting hobby yang suda lama x buat, which is lepak @ charok (in our budak uitm own language) with my frens here. And ya we go play futsal..wohooooo we have a team called Vatos Locos and so far slalu menang dan kalah. haha now i'm back again in Business management faculty and guys, pray for my success as i'll pray yours too :)

See you guys in my next blog..daa

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