Are we true Malaysian?

Assalamualaikum, greetings to all..

Take a moment of these pictures..

Where d'you guys think, supposedly the real 'home' for all these rubbish?
If we can support the earth hour, why don't we give a hand to help our beloved country first.

Think about it.

I love Malaysia. Do you? :o)


SyAhiD a.k.a SyAFir said...

people think that there is always "someone" who is going to clean it up.. that's why they don't mind trashing our Malaysia..

but i think the worst "trash" was the PATI... right..? hehe..

cik PA said...

weh.. sampah..
mane pic perantin? up la weh..bukan senang nak amik pic perantin kat mesia tapi cam amik kat australia weh..